This is a mens jacket based on Amelia Earhart's favorite flight jacket. This jacket was a one of a kind. The original jacket was lost on Earhart's last flight. Another jacket has not yet surfaced from the 1930's that is an exact match to this jacket. However, Air Associates Inc who was a known supplier of gear to Amelia, had similar jackets at the time and so it is a very strong possibility that they made this jacket for her. The Capeskin leather, 100% wool brown knits, and the gusseted armpits are all shared features of this jacket, and jackets made by Air Associates Inc at the time. This is the Mens version which has a wider body and arms than the Womens version. All other details are the same.

  The pocket shape was taken from various photos of the original jacket. The shape and stitch pattern are a match to the original. The buttons are NOS (New Old Stock) 1930's Casein (Milk protein plastic). They would have been the only type of plastic buttons available when the jacket was made, so they add a nice authentic touch. We use a 100% period correct Hookless zipper for the main closure. It is a precise 1920-1930's era reproduction of the type of zipper used on the original. Archive photos show the rivets at the bottom on the jacket, which is a unique feature of this type of zipper.

  Another unique feature, the gusset arm. was missed on every other attempt to recreate this jacket by other makers. We identified this feature when looking though historical archive photos. It was not too apparent at first, but after viewing several photos from different angles, we were able to identify the feature. This is a feature also found on Air Associates jackets at the time, lending more merit to the fact that they were most likely the maker of this jacket.

  We use an exact reproduction of the circa 1930's Air Associates label. There were different versions of this label as the company expanded to new cities. Our label is the 1930's version. It can be identified based on the cities on the label. We have an original 1930's flight helmet by Air Associates Inc, so we were able to get an exact reproduction of the label based on the label inside the helmet. A lot of research has gone into this jacket and we can proudly say that this reproduction of Amelia Earhart's favorite flight jacket is the most accurate reproduction available today.


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