"Let me just say its the best fitting A1/A2 jacket I have owned. The quality of the leather and the cuffs and buttons are strong. As a comparision to the other high end A1's I have owned , I struggle to find any difference (other than the price !!!!) The knits - collar and cuffs and the lining are as good an offering as the top jacket makers.


England, UK


More customer reviews from our website:

"The jacket just arrived - just one word to describe it:
Fits like a glove and the leather is absolutely lovely!
Thanks a lot!
Best wishes,"

T.H. - Germany

"WOW! This jacket is much better than I could have ever imagined! I looked it over carefully and couldn’t find a single problem. Stitching, button holes, alignment and sizing… all perfect! I think you have captured and duplicated every single detail of the jacket. Amazing!
From my experience with this jacket, I would place Headwind as an equal to the highest tier of custom jacket manufacturers.
Thanks again for working on this custom project."


Alaska, USA

"My jacket arrived this morning and I am extremely impressed. The accurate slim fit, the construction, and the quality of the knits are all excellent. And the leather! I knew it would be a soft leather, but the contrast with my horsehide A-2 is incredible. This A-1 feels like a second skin, and I can't wait to wear it in."


Boston, USA

5 Star Reviews From eBay

"I don’t know who you modeled your size 42 from…but they must be a spitting’ image of me. I have jackets that I’ve been measured for - that don’t fit as well as this Aviator. Seriously, it fits as though its been tailored to me; like a second skin. Reaching up or across…the sleeves don’t pull, the back/chest isn’t tight. The waist measurement…it’s a good thing I don’t have a belly, cause it’s really spot on. And will be a perfect weight for Fall and Spring here in TN. Greatly appreciate the time and effort."

​Tennessee, USA

"Received the jacket today. It is perfect!! You nailed the fit. I am extremely impressed with the quality of materials, fit and workmanship. This is one of the most comfortable leather jackets that I have. Very supple capeskin and no restriction of movement.  I feel this is the best fitting/looking jacket that I own. Thanks again!"
E.K. - Chicago, USA

Headwind Jackets With Some Miles On Them

"I just received my Goatskin 37J1 flight jacket and I have to say that the quality is fantastic! The Seal brown color is a virtual match to some of the vintage USN jackets I own, and the graining is very nice. The stitching, knits and label are top notch as well. Thank you guys at Headwind Mfg Co for making an outstanding USN 37J1 reproduction."


San Francisco, USA