At Headwind Mfg Co, we take great care and pride in hand selecting the materials that go into our reproduction and vintage inspired creations. We use only 100% cotton thread, 100% Woven Wool Knits, and high quality leathers in all of our products.

Period correct 1920's / 30's Reproduction Hookless Zipper

Exact Reproduction of Original Labels

NOS 1920's Casein Button


Russet Steerhide

1.3mm Thickness

Chrome tanned / Pigment finish

About Our Materials

Our 100% wool knits are woven with no seams, in the same way they were produced back in the 1920's - 1940's. They are an essential piece when making an accurate reproduction. Our knits are authentic looking, durable, and come in many colors to choose from.

Black Steerhide

1.6 mm Thickness

Full Aniline finish

OXblood Capeskin "Superior Grain"

1 mm Thickness

Chrome tanned / Pigment finish

Dark Russet Brown Horsehide

1.5 mm Thickness

Chrome Tanned / Pigment finish

Seal Goatskin

1.2 mm Thickness

​Chrome tanned

From our full grain leather down to our 100% cotton thread, we use period correct parts in all of our vintage style creations. Our liners are 100% cotton sateen, and our buttons and hardware are an exact match to the parts found on the original jackets we are reproducing. Even the labels are exact reproductions of the originals down to the thread color, font and text size.

Chestnut Capeskin 

.8 to 1 mm Thickness

(Correct vintage weight)

Chrome tanned / Pigment finish

All of our leathers are high quality, full grain hides. No fake surface graining or paint coatings are applied. Most of our hides are chrome tanned, a process that has been in use since the 1850's. Many original vintage flight jackets were chrome tanned. This process results in a leather that is more durable, water resistant and colorfast than vegetable tanning.

100% Wool Knits

All of our jackets are designed and all the materials are sourced from our headquarters in Portland OR, USA. The materials are sent to our leather makers in India and handmade at a small artisan leather shop, not mass produced at a factory. We only support ethical and fair trade companies during the manufacture of our products. We are very detailed in our design, parts, stitching, and materials that go into our jackets. We strive to reproduce vintage jackets that are as exactly like the originals, down to the detailed labels and period correct materials. We make each jacket specifically for each customer when they order. This allows us to provide custom sizing, options, and precise details not possible from mass produced jackets. Once a jacket is ordered, the order is put into our production schedule and is then built according to the customer's specifications. The production time is between 6 to 12 weeks for delivery of most of our jackets.

Period Correct Parts

Seal Brown Steerhide

1.3 mm Thickness

Chrome tanned / Pigment finish

Light Russet Brown Horsehide

1.1 to 1.2 mm Thickness

Chrome tanned / Pigment finish