Original & Reproduction Vintage

Flight Jackets & Gear For Sale

- Top Quality Seal Full Aniline Steerhide

- 1940's Talon Zippers

- 100% Soft Cotton Liner

Stumptown Racer

- Genuine 1930's style Waxed      Nubuck Sheep Skin

​- 100% Wool Knits

- Large Reinforced Ring Snaps

- Reproduction Spec label

- Used condition. there is a small chip in the surface on the back. It does not go through the leather. Otherwise just light wear on the jacket.

​​A.G. Spalding & Bros. Model 722

Reproduction​ by Headwind Mfg Co


This jacket is based on Amelia Earhart's flight jacket produced by Air Associates Inc in the 1930's. This is the Men's version we call "The Aviator". This is one of our test jackets and is 100% accurate in all details to the original, and to our final production jacket. This one is a size 40 - 42 and is available now at a huge discount off the retail price. The jacket is made from our Russet Capeskin and features a 100% period correct Reproduction Hookless zipper, NOS 1930's Casein buttons, and 100% wool knits.


Chest: 22.5" - Shoulders: 18.5"

Arms 26" - Back Length 24.5"



​- Seal color Bull Run Buffalo Hide

- 100% Wool Knits

- Reproduction 1942 Talon Zipper

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Size 40

Chest - 21.5"

Shoulders - 18.5"

Arms - 25.5"

​Back Length - 25"

A-2 Racer Jacket Size 40

H.L. Block USN M-422a Reproduction Jacket


Men's "Aviator" jacket - 1930's Reproduction

- New condition

- Reproduction Hookless Zipper

- Bi-Weave Wool Knits

- Newport Tan Thick Sheep Skin

- Cotton Liner

- Genuine Horn Buttons

​- Reproduction Label

- Free shipping in the USA

- $60 shipping International

- Nickel Talon Zipper
- Yellow Painted USN Stencil
- Embroidered Vent Holes
- Red Rayon Liner

Labelled a size 40
Jacket zipped, laid flat, un-stretched, measures APPROXIMATELY...
Pit to pit front - 21.5"
Pit to pit back - 22"
Shoulder to shoulder - 18.25"
Sleeve length incl knit - 26.5"
Back length incl knit - 26"
Zipper - 24"

New condition and was only tried on for fit. The H&L Block M422a was a unique WWII USN jacket that had the features listed below. This reproduction is an exact copy of the original pattern and has all period correct parts.

37J1 Admirals Jacket (Low pocket version)

Size 40-42