The Edmund T Church company made a large number of the USN M422a flight jackets during WWII. Their contract spread several years. They started early on using a chestnut color goatskin for the jackets. At some point, they switched over to dark seal brown. Examples of both colors exist today. For a short period during the hide switch, they used up the leftover stock of the chestnut collars on the seal color jackets. The trademark black USN is also on these jackets. Our original we copied has this Two-Tone collar and we decided to reproduce this feature in our reproduction. Some of the mouton fur on the Church jackets is known to fade to a light blond color over time. We found the matching shade in genuine vintage mouton. It has faded to blond like the original. Supplies are limited on this fur. We also have vintage rust and vintage dark brown mouton colors to choose from as well. Our zipper is the proper nickel Talon M42 zipper with the blank shield bottom stop, just like the original. It has 100% worsted wool bi-weave knits, and the proper spec buttons. the Rayon liner is sewn to specs and matches the color of the original.

Unique Features on original Church Jackets:
- Large sizing runs about one size big
- The Largest pocket flaps of the M-422 series jackets
- Unique underarm gusset and back panel attachment. They are attached differently than any other M-422a jacket contract

Church jackets run about one full size big when compared to other WWII M422a jackets. Order one size smaller  than your usual size for a slim fit. Order the same as your usual size for a loose / roomy fit. For exact measurements, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to get the right size. If you know what size you want, click on the size below and you will be taken to the check out page.

International Orders (Outside the USA)
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Edmund T Church M-422a Flight Jacket

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