- Wide shoulders and an athletic fit

‚Äč- Wider than usual topstitching in places

- "Double Barrel" throat hook attachment
- Dimpled style throat hook

- Small line 20 Brass anodized ring snaps
- Hanger strip is attached with a Bar-tack
- Pocket corners are beveled

- Bell shaped Talon or Crown zippers

- Dusty Brown cotton lining
- Medium brown worsted wool knits
- Medium brown Russet Horsehide or

  Goatskin leather    

Bronco Mfg Corp contract #29191 was produced in 1942. The contract was for 59,000 jackets. It is one of the most popular contracts today due to it's broader square shoulders, slightly wider chest, and slender body taper. Due to these features, it is more suited to the modern body type than many other contracts. No wonder it's a favorite among collectors and WWII jacket fans.
Our reproduction was copied directly off an original 1942 Bronco A-2. Great care was taken to replicate all the unique features of this contract. Our reproduction is made in our Medium Russet Horsehide and has 100% worsted wool knits in the proper mid brown color.

Bronco A-2

Features of The Bronco A-2