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Presenting a detailed reproduction of Amelia Earhart's favorite flight jacket. We believe that Air Associates Inc. was the original manufacturer of this jacket. Earhart had been supplied flight gear by Air Associates during her air adventures in the 1930's. Air Associates made some very similar jackets with identical features that can be seen on Earhart's jacket, in archival photos. The original jacket was lost on her last flight but we have reproduced the jacket down to the finest detail. Our research uncovered historical photos of the front, side and back of the jacket. These photos combined with our extensive knowledge of 1930's leather flight jackets and their construction, has resulted in the closest reproduction of this jacket to date. Our jacket also has all the period correct materials and parts of a 1930's era flight jacket. The jacket features:

- Chestnut Capeskin
- 100% Wool Knits
- 100% Cotton Sateen Liner
- 100% Cotton Thread
- NOS 1930's Casein Buttons
- Reproduction 1930's Hookless Zipper

- Exact Copy Of The Specification Label

Womens Sizes:

1930's Aviatrix Jacket

Amelia Earhart's Favorite Flight Jacket