Presenting Headwind Mfg Co's reproduction of the iconic WWII Aero A-2 flight jacket. This is an exact reproduction of the 18775-P contract from 1942. We copied every detail of the pattern and features from a real 1942 original jacket. Headwind Mfg is known for producing unique historic flight jackets and the Aero contracts, with their "Red Brick" Color knits found only on these jackets, make them a standout among the WWII A-2 jackets.

Headwind Mfg Co chose the name "ARLO" for label as the "AERO" name is currently under copyright restrictions. Arlo is a name that was popular during the 1940's as both a first name and a Sir name, and so we think it is well suited for this reproduction.

The fit on these reproduction jackets is slim. The pattern is from the 1940's when sizes ran smaller. This contract had a slightly more roomy fit than some of the other contracts in the shoulders and torso. I would estimate the sizing to be about 1/2 to 1 size smaller than a modern jacket of the same size. Measurements are available upon request.

Leather: Dark Russet Horsehide
Thread: Med Brown
Liner: 100% Cotton Mustard Color
Knits: 100% Worsted Wool - Brick Red
Zipper: Nickel or Brass M39 Talon Reproduction Zipper - With the proper 1940's "C" top stops
Snaps: Matching Blackened Large Ring Type 
Hooks: Nickel Plated Brass

Unique Features Of This Contract:
Red Brick Knits
Mustard Color Liner
Blackened Large Ring Snaps
Blackened Vent Eyelets
Unique Label Attachment (Stitching comes down off of the neck line, around the label, then back up to neck line)

These jackets are compete, in stock, and ready to ship!