Presenting a detailed reproduction of the AN-J-3 Flight Jacket. The AN-J-3 was designed in 1943 by the US Army Air Forces. The jacket was intended to be a replacement for the Army Air Forces A-2 & USN M-422 jackets. The Jacket borrowed design elements from each type of jacket and was planned to be issued to both services. The "AN" meant it was for both Army and the Navy use, the "J" specifies it as a jacket, and "3" designates it as the third jacket developed under the joint services equipment program.

The design was an interesting combination of the A-2 and the M-422 jackets. It had the Gusseted back found on the USN jackets which allowed more freedom of movement. The rib-rack waistband, cuffs, and the dark seal goatskin hide were also carried over from the USN jackets. The leather collar, storm flap, and epaulets were taken from the USAAF A-2 design, minus the throat hook & latch and collar snaps. There were slight variations in the design as well, with some having no epaulets and an inside storm flap similar to the USN M-422.