USN 37J1 Flying Jacket:

Presenting a detailed, high quality reproduction of  the US Navy's first leather flight jacket. This reproduction is an excellent example of the rare 1920's flight jacket. Great care was taken to get the small details correct, like the two piece sleeves, two panel back, double top stitched pockets with angled flaps, reinforced snaps on the collar, antique style brown buttons, real bone inner buttons, and a reproduction of the original label down to the font size changes & thread color.

The original jackets were made from dark brown Capeskin leather. It is thought that Goatskin could have also been used on a limited number of the originals, but with so few surviving it cannot be proven.

We have two hides to chose from for this reproduction.

The most authentic option is our Chestnut color Capeskin. This leather has been carefully tanned and dyed to match the original hides used. This hide is specially made for Headwind to our specifications and is not available from other manufacturers. The weight, color, and graining of this hide is a virtual match to some of the hides used in the 1920's-1930's.

We also have this jacket available in 3.5OZ Seal Goatskin. Offering another color option in a very nice, thick and grainy, yet soft Goatskin. It was thought by many that the 37J1 jacket was made from seal brown color Capeskin much like the color of the later M-422 / G-1 jackets. However, evidence from Admiral Ballentine's surviving 37J1 jacket proves that the originals were chestnut or chocolate brown in color.

Seal Goatskin

Chestnut Capeskin