Headwind Mfg Co

"Let me just say its the best fitting A1/A2 jacket I have owned. The quality of the leather and the cuffs and buttons are strong. As a comparision to the other high end A1's I have owned , I struggle to find any difference (other than the price !!!!) The knits - collar and cuffs and the lining are as good an offering as the top jacket makers.


"The jacket just arrived - just one word to describe it:
Fits like a glove and the leather is absolutely lovely!
Thanks a lot!
Best wishes,"

T.H. - Germany

"Received the jacket today. It is perfect!! You nailed the fit. I am extremely impressed with the quality of materials, fit and workmanship. This is one of the most comfortable leather jackets that I have. Very supple capeskin and no restriction of movement.  I feel this is the best fitting/looking jacket that I own. Thanks again!"
E.K - Chicago, USA

Headwind Jackets With Some Miles On Them

(Patina & Character)